Women's Lacrosse Makes its Debut at DeSales

By Moira Yanik
The Minstrel

The women’s lacrosse team, a new club sport at DeSales, has been practicing for weeks, and has it’s first scrimage scheduled for today at 5:30, at Kutztown University.
A few months ago was the latest report on the women’s lacrosse club. It’s April now, and the group is still picking up momentum. The club chose its officers, was given a budget, and now has twenty-two girls involved.

Kelly Dixon, a sophomore pharmaceutical marketing major and biology minor, first began her endeavor of creating the club in October. After a month and a half of waiting, her idea finally became a reality. Once there was a lacrosse club, the next step was to band the group of players together to make a team.

There have been a lot of changes that helped with that very transition. Dixon, the president and founder of the club, started off as a coach as well. The only problem is that a person cannot coach and play at the same time. Although Dixon enjoys the leadership position, her passion is playing lacrosse.

Anthony Dunn, a sophomore elementary education major, volunteered for the coaching position. He is an experienced lacrosse player on the DeSales men’s lacrosse team, and has been the club’s coach for the past semester.

“So far the season has been really interesting, and the challenge of coaching girls for the first time has been a lot of fun. Like most of the players, I am learning the girl’s game as well, trying to rely on some of the experienced players for information,” Dunn says.

As the coach, his basic obligations span from scheduling and planning out practices to ordering uniforms and helping to set up the budget with the team officers. The budget needs to pay for uniforms, mouth guards, balls, goalie equipment, and gear bags. The players had to self-finance their sticks and goggles.

There are four officers for the club: Kelly Dixon, is president, Mary Kate Boylan, a sophomore physician’s assistant major, is the vice president, Laura Fehrle, a sophomore communication major, is the secretary, and Jamie Matthews, a sophomore nursing major, is the treasurer.

Of her secretarial duties, Fehrle says: “I basically keep the roster. In the beginning I wrote down all the emails and phone numbers of the interested girls and accumulated the contact information. Right now, I do everything I can to support Kelly and the entire team.”

As of right now, the team has been practicing every Monday and Wednesday from 4:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. But, what exactly are they practicing for?

“I’ve been calling Kutztown and trying to organize a scrimmage,” Dixon said. “We have one scheduled for [today] at Kutztown. It will be beneficial to see how we would actually fare against another team.”

Although the ultimate goal is to create a varsity team that competes with other schools, Dixon is taking it one step at a time in terms of next year. She hopes to enroll in a collegiate lacrosse league that runs through the spring season.

In terms of immediate action, a fundraiser is in the works in the form of a t-shirt sale. On the front it says, “DeSales Women’s Lacrosse Team.” On the back is a quote from Lou Holtz, a Notre Dame Coach, “The only difference between a champ and a chump is ‘u.’” Dunn hopes to inspire the girls with that message and help them grow into a team. The tradition begins.

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