Wednesday In the Commons

As part of international week, Wednesday in the Commons featured the Asian Tea Ceremonies of China and Japan. Dr. Jubilan explained the ceremonies as they were presented to an intimate group in McShea Commons. Photo provided by Amy Herzog.


The DeSales University Men’s lacrosse team played their home-opener game against Moravian College on March 18. DeSales ended up on the short end in the game losing, 13-11. Senior sports and exercise science major Matthew Brancaccio broke the all-time record for assists from a DeSales lacrosse player in a single game. The team currently has the record of 2-5 overall and 2-1 in the MAC Conference, with wins over King’s College and Eastern University, and only falling in the conference to Elizabethtown on Wednesday, March 25.vided by Caitlin Scott.

The Minstrel on the Street

Students recall their favorite April fool's jokes.


By Caitlin Scott
The Minstrel

Last year my suitemate came into the bathroom when I was taking a shower and poured Kool-Aid powder on me, and it made me all sticky.

Justin Wood
Sophomore Psychology Major

“Last year, Megan Costello put newspaper, masking tape and saran wrap on my door so that I couldn’t open my door.  I had to run and bust through the door. I fell into the hallway it was funny.

Megan Montchyk
Sophomore Chemistry Major

I switched the sugar with the salt at a local diner when my friend was away from the table.  When he came back he put a bunch of salt in his coffee and almost threw up.

- Chris Cona
Computer Science/Digital Art Major

My brother put a rubber band around the water hose on my sink at home.  When I went to use the sink I got sprayed. My dad got hit with the water too.

- Sydney Justice
Sophomore Technical Theater Major

"My senior year in high school we broke into an assembly and srayed everyone in it with water guns."

- Kurt Hewes
Freshman History/Secondary Education Major

My junior year of high school year I told all my friends my parents had decided to move instead of waiting until I graduates.  I called everyone and put it in my away message, I included a link to a picture of my new house, which was really a link to a myspace page saying April Fools.

- Susan Briggs
Junior Dance Major