Spotlight on Chrissy Meehan

By Amy Pulcini
The Minstrel

Crissy Meehan, senior sport and exercise science major, has been running and jumping for as long as she can remember. So when two injuries in less than a year sidelined her from track and field she never stopped pushing to come back strong.

In April 2008, Meehan was in a car accident which resulted in an injured shoulder. Her right arm was thrown back, tearing the labrum, which allows the shoulder more movement, and tearing her rotator cuff tendons, which enable the shoulder to rotate. These injuries eventually led to shoulder surgery in August and kept her from getting back into shape to prepare for the 2008-2009 track and field season.

“Rehabbing for my shoulder was painful, but I gained some motion back and started strengthening it,” Meehan said. After returning to jumping, she set a school record at the DeSchriver Invitational on February 7, 2009. She jumped 16-00.25 feet to break the long jump record previously set in 2001 by Heidi Kaucher and finished fifth in the meet.

“It felt amazing to set a school record. I’ve known I could do it but I was wondering when I would be able to because of my injuries,” said Meehan.

Unfortunately jumping in that meet took a toll on her already weak hamstring. She strained her hamstring and hamstring tendon and was again sidelined and forced into a painful rehab. Setting a record while she was injured made her thoughts drift towards the future and think about her future potential.

“I had been waiting to get that record,” Meehan said. After three weeks of rehab for her hamstring she returned to compete in the Mac Indoor Champions held on February 28, 2009.

In addition to her long jump record, she also holds team-best indoor times, along with the other members of her relay teams, in 1600-meter sprint medley relay and the 4x200-meter relay. She is also among the top times in the 55-meter, 60-meter, the 200-meter, and the triple jump.

The support of her coach and teammates along with her rehab helped her come back throughout every injury. “With my hamstring, my coaches tried to keep my positive and get me rested so that I could compete in the championships. They were very supportive and tried to keep me confidence up,” Meehan said.

Even with all the injuries, Meehan felt she did well in the indoor season considering what she had to work with. “I also think that because I have been running and jumping for so long that my muscle memory is branded with those motions,” Meehan explained.

Meehan’s goal right now is to recover fully from her injuries by working out and making sure she has enough strength to stay healthy for the outdoor track and field season.

Her excitement for the season also stems from the indoor track and team field placing second at the Indoor MAC Championships. “I think our team will do well in the outdoor season,” Meehan said. “I am building confidence again, and I know I have the time to get stronger and in-shape by the time the meets start up again,” she said. The first meet was held Saturday March 28, at the Washington and Lee Invitational in Virginia.

Keep an eye out for Meehan in the up and coming season because she has no doubts that she will come back strong. “I am planning on going after more records in the outdoor season,” Meehan said.
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