Alternative Spring Break

by Moira Yanik
The Minstrel
Top: Roxanne Royster, a volunteer from California University of Pa., guides Katie Borders, granddaughter of house resident Judy Borders, while digging a trench connecting “city” water to the Borders’ house in Lawrence County, Ky. Royster was a participant in the first week of the annual Christian Appalachian Project’s WorkFest 2009.

Left: Katie Borders, granddaughter of Christian Appalachian Project participant Judy Borders, sits among the wreckage of her yard on Mar. 5, 2009. The Borders' house is one of the renovation projects during Workfest, a three week long volunteer organization devoted to fighting poverty in Eastern Kentucky by providing physical, emotional and spiritual support through a wide variety of programs and services.

Judy Borders, a participant in the Christian Appalachian Project (CAP) of Kentucky, looks on as a long term volunteer helps to renovate her house on Mar. 3, 2009, during Workfest, a program that takes place during the four weeks of March. College students around the country participate during their spring break, as well as CAP short and long term volunteers.

The Minstrel on the Street

Students explain what they are giving up for Lent and why?


By Paul Rakszawski
The Minstrel

“I’m giving up soda, pasta, and deserts for lent, because I drink too much soda, and I eat pasta every Wednesday.”

Carrie Caswell
Freshman Math/Secondary Education major

“I’m giving up chocolate, because it goes straight to my hips, and I have been trying to watch  my figure.

Nick Lanza
Sophomore Elementary Education major

“I am giving up procrastinating on my schoolwork because it doesn’t help me with my homework at all, and I am a busy person and don’t have time to procrastinate.”

- Ashley Wade
Freshman Computer Science major

“I have given up sarcasm for Lent, because I want to enrich my personality.”

- Andrew Ferretti
Junior Physician Assistant major

“I am giving up candy and sweets for Lent, so that I can eat healthier and get rid of something in my diet that I don’t really need.”

- Joe Paugh
Sophomore Sport Management major

“I am giving up chocolate for Lent because I like it way too much.”

- Lindsay Mostrong
Senior Nursing major