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Readings (Top)

  1. Read the attached article titled Net-Based Report Generation with CBD by Guttman and Zannone.

  2. Read the attached article titled A Web-Based Financial Trading System by Fan, Stallaert, and Winston.

  3. Read the following web pages:

Problems (Top)

  1. The following questions concern Net-Based Report Generation with CBD:

    1. Would an architecture that included a message queue communication connection be useful for this situation? Why?

    2. What somewhat low technology mechanism could be used to notify a thin client when a report that takes tens of minutes to generate is finished?

  2. The following questions concern the Web-Based Financial Trading System:

    1. Why is this a client server architecture?

    2. Is the client a fat client or a thin client? Justify your answer.

  3. Consider the Nirvana License and Tax System. Could this system be implemented using a centralized architecture? Justify your answer.

  4. Consider the Nirvana Widget Rebate System.

    1. Why is it probably necessary to implement this system using a client server architecture?

    2. Why is it not necessary to deploy the system to three tiers?

  5. A two tier client server system is usually deployed with one physical processor for each client and one physical processor for the data server. Suppose we have a system that will never have more than three clients. Is it possible to deploy the two tiers to a single physical processor? What are the requirements for such a processor?

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Prepared by David L. March -- Last Revised on May 10, 2003